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The First Patented Method Developed For PRP Standardization
& Quality Control

Eliminate Variability, Produce Targeted PRP Doses & More Predictable Outcomes

Platelet Rich Plasma Quality Control

The Transcend PRP Protocol™ utilizes the Harbour Cell Software™ and Vasco™ PC100™ Platelet Counter to deliver PRP quality control and standardization with ease for the treating physician. Our TRUDose™ protocol eliminates known problems of PRP inconsistencies, including the issue of patient platelet variability. Transcend™ allows for patient-specific, customized therapies according to scientific literature. Results are then measured and collected through our HIPPA-compliant database and stored for further physician analysis.

Standardized Cell Therapy

The Transcend™ PRP Protocol is implemented utilizing the Harbour Cell Software™ & the Vasco™ PC100™ platelet counter through these steps:

  1. Test baseline platelet count via finger stick (capillary sampling)
  2. Calculate the exact aspiration needed for centrifugation to achieve target dose.
  3. Test PRP post-centrifugation to confirm target dose is achieved.
  4. Calculate PPP dilution adjustments, if applicable.
  5. Administer treatment.

Know Your Patients’ Baseline Platelet Count

Know the dose You are Administering

Let the Harbor Cell Software™ Guide You to the Dose that You Target for a Given Indication.

PC100™ Optical Platelet Count Double Verified for accurate quantification.

Seeing is Believing – The PC100™ produces an image of  platelets, and even counts each platelet in an aggregation (circled).

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