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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Healeon Medical’s PRP system uses a proprietary gel to isolate platelets to optimal concentration. Virtually all Red Blood Cells (RBC) are eliminated and the concentration of pro-inflammatory Granulocytes (GRs) is dramatically reduced.

Healeon PRP preparation tubes are simple to use: (1) draw a small sample blood into the vacutainer, (2) process via centrifuge to separate platelet cells and plasma (i.e., platelet rich plasma), (3) then treat your patient. It’s that simple.


  • Easy to use 3-step system: draw, spin, administer
  • Requires small sample of blood
  • Optimal Platelet Concentration
  • Biocompatible, and xeno-free, minimizing safety concerns and rejection
  • Great for office-use or the OR.

Jeff Klinger is a medical device sales consultant covering Beverly Hills, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, San Luis Obispo, Valencia - Santa Clarita and Visalia California.

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