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How Can a HotDog Maintain Body Temperature During Surgery?

November 18th, 2020 Posted by Aesthetic Medicine, Facial Plastic Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Surgery 0 thoughts on “How Can a HotDog Maintain Body Temperature During Surgery?”

It’s important to keep patients warm during surgery to prevent complications associated with Hypothermia. Hypothermia is defined as core body temperature less than 36°C (96.8F). Whereas, Normothermia is defined as core body temperature greater than 36°C. Let me explain how a HotDog® can maintain Normothermia for surgical patients.

First, upon induction of general anesthesia, the body begins to cool, and it will continue cooling without intervention. While the operating room is typically cold, which doesn’t help, general anesthesia is the real culprit of perioperative hypothermia.

Anesthetized patients lose the ability to control their own temperature, which typically results in a significant drop in core temperature in the first 30 minutes after anesthesia is administered. Hypothermia has been linked to increased wound infections, increased blood loss, longer recovery time, and higher mortality rates.

Active patient warming is the worldwide standard of care for surgical patients, especially those undergoing procedures longer than 60 minutes. Active warming is the use of powered blankets and mattresses that generate heat to actively warm the patient. Passive warming, such as standard blankets and reflective space blankets, merely traps the patient’s body heat in. Passive warming is not effective at re-warming a hypothermic patient.

So what does a HotDog® have to do with patient warming?


HotDog® Patient Warming is an air-free, water-free, state-of-the-art perioperative patient warming system. Efficient warming is delivered by a flexible, lightweight conductive polymer fabric inside of HotDog® blankets and mattresses. It’s the only patient warming system that warms the patient from above and below simultaneously, resulting in a uniquely versatile, less expensive, and more effective warming solution.

Underbody Warming Mattress lays on surgical table.
Compact, user-friendly control unit. Can mount to IV pole or wall.
Warming blankets can be folded and placed where needed.

Also, it’s important to note that the commonly used forced-air warming systems have been linked to increased infections in orthopedic implant surgery. HotDog® is a safer choice because it does not employ forced-air.

Now we know what a HotDog® has to do with patient warming: it provides safe, effective perioperative warming, and maintains normothermia 96.2% of the time.

There are plenty of additional benefits to be enjoyed by surgical teams and administrators. Contact me in the Greater Los Angeles to Central California area, or visit to learn more.

Why Illuminate Veins With AccuVein®?

November 1st, 2020 Posted by Aesthetic Medicine, Facial Plastic Surgery, Lasers, Regenerative Medicine 0 thoughts on “Why Illuminate Veins With AccuVein®?”

As a representative for the AccuVein® vein illumination device, I see practitioners who buy it no questions asked, and those who think it’s the coolest device, but are unwilling to make the investment.  Why is this and why should you have an AccuVein®?

Understanding the comprehensive picture of anything you do, is key to long-term success. And understanding all that AccuVein® offers, answers the above question. AccuVein clinically fits into medical aesthetic practices by:

  • Locating veins for blood draws and IV starts
  • Mapping and highlighting veins for sclerotherapy
  • Avoiding veins and vessels during facial injections to mitigate risk of bruising.

These are direct, hands-on benefits of AccuVein®. But what about the overall value proposition? How does AccuVein® yield a return on investment for your practice? And why is it a no-brainer for numerous successful practices?

First, let me describe the device. AccuVein is actually a Class 1 laser. It contains two precise, oscillating lasers that detect hemoglobin in the blood flowing through your veins.

It illuminates veins beautifully, up to 10mm beneath the skin, and it’s precise to within the width of a hair. Its two modalities include standard where the veins appear dark, or “inverse” mode which lights them up…this is my favorite, and the glow really wows patients.

AccuVein is made in the USA. I’m not making a political reference; I mention it to note that it isn’t a cheap device, by either sense of the word. Yet it won’t break the bank. It’s made with the highest quality components and manufacturing, so it’s built to last. I have clients who bought their device earlier than 2014 and have treated 1000s of patients, and it keeps on glowing problem-free.

"AccuVein® is a fantastic tool for patient retention, practice differentiation, and practice growth."

In addition to the direct benefits of using the AccuVein®, there’s an entire marketing component:

  • Patients love you for it: it tells them that you are doing everything you can to provide the best possible outcome;


  • Patient referrals: when their friends are seeking an injector or when a friend gets a bruise elsewhere, they recommend you because you have the “vein finder;”


  • Patient retention: even the best injectors don’t have x-ray vision. If/when you nick a vein and a bruise forms (whether your patient tells you or not), they’re upset about it…and possibly with you; thus, you risk losing them to the masses of competitors to choose from;


  • Practice differentiation: everyone is promoting neurotoxins and fillers on their websites and social, but only AccuVein® owners have that extra Wow! factor that captures patients’ attention and explains to them that you are maximizing the opportunity of a positive, problem-free experience. Especially important prior to holidays and special occasions;


  • Continuous marketing: by using AccuVein® on your social posts, there’s always something to talk about, always vascular architecture to discuss, always a buzz factor for you to add, at will.

As we can see, the AccuVein® offers practices a multitude of benefits. Years ago, injectors would say, “I wish I had x-ray vision to see veins before I inject.”  Well, that opportunity is here for you. And, in this hyper-competitive market, AccuVein’s benefits go far beyond visualizing veins. AccuVein® is a fantastic tool for patient retention, practice differentiation, and practice growth.

Would you like to learn more? Contact me now.

Facial Sculpting with 3D Accuscan® Patient-specific Implants

September 26th, 2018 Posted by Aesthetic Medicine, Facial Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Silicone Implants 0 thoughts on “Facial Sculpting with 3D Accuscan® Patient-specific Implants”

Wow! I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a 3D Accuscan interactive web meeting. It was amazing, and I’m sure the resulting product will make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Implantech partners with 3D Systems Inc., Littleton, CO, utililizing the services of their Biomedical Design team. Throughout the web meeting we assist the surgeon in designing the precise, patient-specific facial implant from CT scan data. So whether your patients have been living with disfigurement or facial trauma—or they need a non-stock solution for cosmetic reasons—3D Accuscan is your go-to tool for delivering a great outcome.

Jeff Klinger is a medical device sales consultant covering Beverly Hills, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, San Luis Obispo, Valencia - Santa Clarita and Visalia California.

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